finding a job

where to look for your next role

Most people in Aotearoa New Zealand find jobs using job search websites or recruiters – but sometimes, it pays to be creative. Try contacting organisations you want to work for or looking for roles on social media.

job search websites

Most vacancies are advertised online, on job search websites. You can browse to see who’s hiring near you, or search for specific jobs you’re interested in.

Careers New Zealand has a full list of job search websites.

careers new zealand: job search websites

Connected is a service to help you connect to the wide range of employment, education and training supports and advice available through government agencies.


It's a good idea to keep track of the jobs that you are applying for. Check out this job leads diary that you can download and use, or to get an idea of what you should be taking note of if you want to use a diary or something you already have.

job leads diary – print version

job leads diary – digital version

employers' websites

If you know an organisation you’d like to work for, their website is a great place to start. Lots of companies' websites have a careers section, where they list their current vacancies.

Even if there aren’t any openings at the place you want to work, you can still get in touch. Write a polite email that explains who you are and why you want to work there, with your CV attached. Most employers love candidates who do this – it shows you’re serious and motivated, and everyone likes hearing from people who appreciate their work! Even if this doesn’t lead to a job right away, it makes your CV more likely to stand out when you apply for future roles.

recruitment companies

When they want to hire someone new, lots of organisations use a recruiter to find the right person for the job.

Recruiters tend to focus on certain industries or groups of people – some might hire people for jobs in forestry or conservation, while others work only with students or young people.

This means that signing up with a recruiter can be a good way to start your job search. They’re experts in their industries and can give you advice that will help you get hired – like what to expect at an interview, or how you can improve your CV. They might also know about jobs that aren’t advertised online, and they can put you forward for a few at the same time.

You can find a list of New Zealand recruiters at Careers New Zealand.

careers new zealand: recruitment companies

social media

Plenty of employers now advertise their roles on social media – especially when they’re hiring for casual or part-time roles like babysitting, bar work or labouring. Many towns and cities have groups where people can post job opportunities in the area, so it’s worth joining your local group to see what’s available.

Remember, if you use social media to look for jobs, you must be very careful. Follow some simple rules:

  • If you meet anyone to discuss a job opportunity, do it in a public place. Never go to someone’s house the first time you meet them.
  • Don’t send any personal information, like your bank details, to anyone you don’t know.
  • If something doesn’t seem right, listen to your instincts. Stop your communication with the employer and report them to the group admin.

your social media 

Speaking of social media, check yours. However you apply for a job, most employers will search for your name online. Make sure they won’t find anything you wouldn’t want them to see. Do some easy things to make sure your online presence is as impressive as you are:

  • Check your privacy settings on social media. Make all your personal profiles as private as you can make them.
  • Search for yourself online, and think about whether an employer would like what you see. Hide anything that might let you down.
  • Make sure your email address is professional. It should also use your name so that it’s clear it belongs to you.
  • Listen to your voicemail message. Check it’s polite and professional and uses your name.