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your options for studying or training, and how to be ready for the world of work

Education isn’t just about passing exams and getting qualifications – it’s about discovering what you can do.

Whether it’s working towards getting NCEA Level 2 or an apprenticeship in plumbing – the right education will help you think bigger, feel stronger, and build a brighter future.

not in education employment or training (neet)

We can support you to stay in school, or get back into education if you've left.
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training opportunities for taiohi

Discover where you can get the training that will make you stand out.
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your path to work

Ready to start work? Here's what you need to know.
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finding a job

whether it’s your first job, a step up or a change of career path, here’s where to look for your next role.
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support & mentoring

Everybody needs someone in their corner. If you get a payment from us or you’re enrolled in our NEET service, a youth coach will help you get to where you want to be.
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Video transcript available
Don't lose focus on what you want to do. Don't let things hold you back, especially if you have a lot of uncertainty in your life. You just need to pinpoint something that is positive.

I came to Youth Service because I was struggling with some family stuff. My family circumstances had changed and I ended up supporting myself and my brother. Trying to take care of my brother, go to school, go to work.

I went down a track of losing motivation. I just couldn't really cope.

Coming to Kapiti Youth Support, they helped me to get my Level 3's. Steph pushed me really hard. That was probably the main person in my life that was pushing me to actually do something so it really helped me do what I wanted to do.

She said to make yourself feel better, you actually have to start saying it to yourself and actually believing in it.

I've changed quite a lot. When I started doing my Level 3's, it improved how I felt about myself because I was like I can actually do this.

If I hadn't of reached out for help, there's a lot of things that probably wouldn't have changed.

I'm excited for my future because I guess there's just like a light. I have so many opportunities now to go and do what I want to do, rather than letting things hold me back in my life that once would've.

Now, everything is like an open door.