money management

when you're working with a youth coach, your payments may be subject to money management

your youth coach will set up your payments so your accommodation costs, bills and debts will be paid. any remaining money will be split between an in-hand allowance and your payment card.

what is it?

Money management means your youth coach will help you manage your payments so that all your important costs are paid. This means:

  • your rent or board and things like your power bill and any debts will be paid straight from your payment. You won't get this money yourself.
  • you will get paid a weekly allowance of up to $50 into your personal bank account.
  • any money left over will be put onto your personal payment card. This is like a debit card that you can use to buy your food and groceries at approved stores.


The following will be paid directly to your bank account:

  • Disability Allowance
  • Child Disability Allowance
  • Unsupported Child's Benefit
  • Orphan's Benefit
  • Training Incentive Allowance - weekly ongoing costs.

The following will be subject to money management:

  • Temporary Additional Support
  • Family Tax Credit
  • Accommodation Supplement

If you're new to Youth Service, your youth coach will set this up for you when you meet with them. They will set up the payment of your rent and bills with you and give you a payment card.

You can manage your whole payment yourself if you show your youth coach that you can do this responsibly. You should talk to them about how you can prove this.

Once you've proven you're capable of managing your money yourself, your payment will go straight into your bank account and you will be responsible for paying all of your own costs.

where can you use your payment card?

You can use your payment card to buy approved items, as long as: 

  • the store you're going to is registered with us to accept payment cards
  • you don’t try to spend more money than is available
  • you are only purchasing the item that has been approved.

To view the full list of approved suppliers, visit our where you can use your payment card page.