where you can use your payment card

if you have money on your payment card, you can use it in shops that have registered with us

Payment cards let you pay for approved items from shops that accept them.

what you can buy with your card

There is a range of items you can buy on a payment card. These include:

  • food and grocery items
  • public transport passes
  • petrol
  • pre-paid power cards
  • education and training-related items, eg stationery
  • healthcare-related items, eg medication
  • clothing
  • appliances, eg kettle
  • household items, eg plates.

how to use the card

Using your card is really easy. If you are not sure how to use your card, the Work and Income website has information about how you use them.

how to use the card

payment card balance and transactions

You can check your card balance on MyMSD. You can also view all the transactions you've made.

If you have any questions about any balances or transactions on your payment card, talk to your youth coach.

find a store in your area

You can use your card at any store that is registered with MSD – but you can't spend more money than you have on your card, and you can only purchase items that have been approved.

You can view the full list of suppliers here or you can see them on a map: www.youthservice.govt.nz/suppliers.

can't find the right store in your area?

Talk to your youth coach if there's a store or business in your area that fits in our supplier categories but isn't registered for payment cards. There's a form the store can fill in to request to become a supplier – your youth coach might be able to help sort it.

Click here for the supplier registration form